Free Safara memberships (with a $25 donation to the World Health Organisation)

Safara is offering free memberships with a donation to the World Health Organisation’s Covid-19 Response Fund.

As a company that helps you book hotels, we’ve honestly felt pretty helpless the past few months. We’ve had to reassess everything, which is strange and scary, but also an exhilarating challenge. While we remain focused on navigating our business through this new reality, we’ve also been looking for ways we can help the global health crisis.

That’s when we realized that, though Safara cannot be used today, it will be more useful than ever when the travel restrictions are lifted (and we all venture back out, wide-eyed and with passports in hand).

That’s why we’re offering offer Safara memberships for free (yes, free!) with a $25 donation to The WHO’s Covid-19 relief efforts. Doing good never felt so good, right?

And don’t worry – your membership cycle won’t start until your first booking, which will hopefully be sooner than we think. Seeing as you asked, we’re planning a staycay with our best friends in the Kent countryside or upstate New York.

Also, to help you armchair travel, we’re continuing to provide inspiration on our editorial site and Instagram, starting with our Insider series, Five Reasons, where some of our favorite tastemakers give tips and shout-outs to businesses, neighborhoods, and cities they love –  from Mid-Levels, Hong Kong to Greenpoint, NY and everywhere in between.

Stay safe, stay home (for now).

Learn more here.

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